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In-depth interviews with leadership and strategic players

Eco-efficiency data analysis

Emission, waste, energy, and water management


Short, Medium and Long-Term Action Plans


Talks, Training, Workshops


  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Sustainability
  • Eco-efficiency (Emissions, Waste, Water, and Energy)
  • Social Responsibility
  • Relationships with Communities
  • Volunteering
  • Global Reporting Initiative reports 
  • Sustainability guides and booklets


special projects

Community and Stakeholder Relations Programs

Implementation of Relationship Programs with Communities and Stakeholders, including mapping of stakeholders according to location and strategic themes for the company.

Case study: Gestão Kairós used its expertise to run the Methodology for Relationship and Assistance to Community Risks (MARRCO) Program, in partnership with Edgar Rodrigues, at Coca-Cola FEMSA, training the company’s leadership in several locations in Brazil, Mexico, and the USA in Community Relations and Risk Management with Communities.

Strengthening Social Organizations

Public Notices for Social Projects

Gestão Kairós runs Social Project Programs and Public Notices in partnership with large companies throughout Brazil

Partnership articulation and fundraising

Articulation and fundraising for companies, social organizations, and cultural agents with companies.

Case study: The Unibanco Institute’s Commitment to Sustainability

Case study: From 2016 to 2023, Gestão Kairós implemented the Commitment to Sustainability for the Unibanco Institute, later called the UI Commitment to the Environment, covering the four pillars of eco-efficiency:

1) management of greenhouse gas emissions
2) water management
3) energy management
4) waste management

We are also responsible for the Sustainability Pact with Suppliers, which included the sustainability matrix, evaluating the four axes of eco-efficiency, a supplier development booklet, and training.

Finally, on this same platform, the UI Health Commitment, which surveyed 100% of the menus at Unibanco Institute events and, with a nutritionist, proposed new, healthier, and more sustainable menus.

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Partner: Unibanco Institute

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